Creating Hackney as Home

Creating Hackney as Home:
Five reflections on a London borough


Matthew - Filming Day One - 22/07/13

We started the day by trying to find people to say one word that describes Hackney... on camera. Matthew explaied that "I found it quite hard... a lot of people were quite resilient to saying the one word, and some of them wanted to say it but they didn’t want to say it on camera." Another challenge was "trying to find the right mix of people… Hackney’s always been quite diverse and multicultural, but at the beginning it did seem like I was just getting a lot of white people, and it didn’t seem like I had enough different ethnic groups".

After this we tried filming some location shots around Queensbridge Road in Haggerston, and made our way through the neighbourhood south of Dalston where Matthew had grown up. Matthew picked the locations based on his childhood experiences, as he explained in his photo study of his neighbourhood [hyperlink]. At each location Matthew recorded a piece to camera, explaining his memories and some of the changes he had noticed there. We also recorded a panorama at each one so that we could really capture the atmosphere of these locations.

When we got to Dalston Juncton we recorded the hustle and bustle at the crossroads using the tripod. Matthew had a chance encounter with a woman who eneded up featuring in the film, as he recalled: "I asked her for one word, she gave me one life story! ... I think it was amazing luck to get her on video today because she is somebody who just like hits everything that I really wanted in this video because she is somebody who lived here, she’s somebody who has moved out, she’s somebody who’s come back and seen it for the first time in quite a long time but she still remembers what she can and she has an opinion that’s quite close to mine". At the end of the day we drove along some of the main streets in Dalston, filming from the car so we could record some of the shop fronts.

  • Setting up the tripod

  • Setting up the shot

  • Michael filming Matthew while he reflects on the changes

  • Matthew planning his shot

  • Recording a piece to camera

  • The boys testing the new seating at The Hub

  • Matthew recording a panorama shot at the new Dalston Square

  • Filming the changes at the crossroads

  • Michael using the camera free hand

  • Matthew talking about the changes in Dalston

  • Filming the shop fronts from the car

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