Creating Hackney as Home

Creating Hackney as Home:
Five reflections on a London borough


Matthew - Filming Day Two - 23/07/13

Today Matthew recorded his first intterview for his film 'Dalston Changes'. He talked to Brian Cumming, the managaer of the Dalston Curve Garden, about the changes he has witnessed in the area. He also explained how important it was that the curve garden provided much needed green, public space for all local people to enjoy. There is not much of this around in the Dalston area! After recording the interview we went to film some more location panorama shots in the area immediately around Dalston Junction. We went to Matthew's old school and got some footge of the contrasts between the existing housing, which was a bit run down, and the fancy new housing that had big metal gates and security cameras on.

  • In the Dalston Curve Garden

  • Preparing the interview schedule

  • Michael on the mic

  • Practicing the interview questions

  • Michael getting the long shot

  • Recording the interview

  • Matthew recording on location in Dalston

  • Matthew recording a panorama

  • Contrasts between old and new housing in Dalston

  • Matthew recording the area around his old school

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