Creating Hackney as Home

Creating Hackney as Home:
Five reflections on a London borough


Michael - Field Trip - 21/04/13

On the fieldtrip [hyperlink] we talked a lot about different perspectives, whether thats looking at London or each other, in different ways. We looked at the views from Parliament Hill and then went to Camden Market, and thought about how these places contrasted with Hackney. These are Michael's images and reflections from the day: "The fieldtrip helped me to get a better understanding of different people, different cultures, and stuff like that, that I haven’t really been around…. And going to Camden and stuff like that… although I’d been there before, it’s like I’m out of my comfort zone in a way… the punk community, and stuff like that, seeing how they dress… And before we went there I actually said that we were gonna be like odd and stand out cause the way we dress is different from the way they dress so yeah, I thought that they would look at us in different ways… So being in that situation… shows me what people think of us, how we dress, how we react to things, our culture and stuff like that."

  • Parliament Hill has protected views of London

  • The London skyline

  • Tall towers

  • The City

  • Lots of heritage in the area

  • Who lived here?

  • Local transport maps

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