Creating Hackney as Home

Creating Hackney as Home:
Five reflections on a London borough


Monet - Editing Day - 01/08/13

"We finally edited my film. Funnily enough, I’d already written the dialogue in the last poem that I wrote! Denise was thinking that we needed something else and I ended up writing it without her having to tell me, so I’m proud of myself for that one!"

"We thought that it would be really good if for the ending we did like a rewind straight back to the beginning. I think that the dialogue fits in the way that Denise was like fitting things in. I’m also happy with the actual amount of footage we had… and yeah, editing’s actually… like, Denise practically did it, like, with my input… which sometimes gets annoying because she doesn’t always understand where my eye was with this… I am the director and I am the writer! But what I like is her humility cause she’ll say “ok, ok, it’s not my film, it’s your film”. It doesn’t matter because everything she said was good, so we’ll see how it turns out… and I had, like, a great team behind me… so yeah… I’m happy!"

  • Recording Monet's poem dialogue

  • At the editing suite

  • Scripting words to the footage

  • Negotiating over the structure

  • Sorting the first edit

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