Creating Hackney as Home

Creating Hackney as Home:
Five reflections on a London borough


Monet - Filming Day One - 05/07/13

"The plan was to film from the top of my mum’s tower block where I used to live in Hoxton… the view is beautiful on the balcony, I got shots of the train coming in from Hoxton station and Shoreditch Park. Downstairs we experimented with recording the shadows of me and Shekeila doing that little hand-clappy thing. I think that is the best part of my film. It was just the shadow, so it could look like we were young, playing as kids."

"Then we went to Hoxton Hall, where I first encountered the performing arts. Next we went to Shoreditch Park and, luckily, my friend Lisa, who works at Shoreditch Adventure, let me do some filming there. So I got to go into the soft play room which I hadn’t been in since I was like eight or nine, so that was bringing back childhood memories… I got to go on the swing, which was, like, a childhood memory. I think I’m a bit too big for it now cause it’s like scratching me into my legs and stuff. It was a bit awkward holding the camera in my hand and being on the swing!"

  • Making a plan

  • Denise from MTR

  • Melissa

  • Filming the coirridors

  • Shekeila on the camera

  • Recording from a child's eye view

  • Notice

  • Shekeila filming the beautiful view

  • No playing in the corridor

  • Shekeial filming the lift

  • Shekeila and Monet in the lift

  • Setting up outside

  • Hoxton location

  • Outside Hoxton Hall

  • Camera woman

  • Monet holds the camera for a child's eye view

  • More restrictions

  • Shoreditch Adventure Playground

  • Shekeila takes a long shot

  • Inside the soft play room

  • Filming the playground

  • Thats a wrap for today

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