Creating Hackney as Home

Creating Hackney as Home:
Five reflections on a London borough


February 2014 Newsletter

Time for an update...

The Creating Hackney as Home team has been busy

Following the official public launch of our project last September, we've been working hard to make sure our research has been going out into the world. All of our films are now on the website, we've recorded some podcasts about our research, and we've started showing our films to other young people! Its been another very busy few months for the CHAsH research team, so please read below to find out more.

Latest news

Going public

Over the past few months we've had a number of great opportunities to talk to people about our research and show our films.

In November, Tyrell showed his film 'Hackney Style' at a Hackney Youth Parliament event about diversity in the borough, while in January Matthew gave his first academic presentation at the 'Making Connections' conference at Kings College London.

This month we showed Monet's film 'Growing Up and Out of Space' to the Greater London Authority's Peer Outreach Team, and Shekeila and Monet joined Melissa in giving a great presentation to Hackney Councillors at their Crime and Safety Scrutiny Committee.

Melissa and Luke are now busy preparing research papers to present at the Association of American Geographers annual conference (April 2014), the International Sociological Association annual conference in Japan (July 2014), and the Royal Geographical Society-Institute of British Geographers annual conference in London (August 2014).

Recording Podcasts at the OU

Last October we did some podcast training with Audio Producer, Matthew Holley, in a professional recording studio at the Open University. In the morning we talked about how to use the recording equipment, what makes a good podcast and then got the chance to experiment with using the zoom recorders to interview each other. At lunchtime we each worked on a short script explaining the thinking behind our own films from the project, how they were made and what we hope people who saw them might take away from the experience. In the afternoon, we took it in turns to make a proper recording of our scripts in the studio, and finished the day by recording a group discussion with Melissa, who used to be a radio producer! We all really enjoyed visiting Milton Keynes, and the OU campus, and used it as a chance to think about new towns, homes and housing, and urban space more generally, and how it compared to Hackney.

You can listen to all the we podcasts we recorded on our website. You can also see some photos from the training session.

Website updates

Alongside the podcast pages now on the website, we have included two new features that we have been experimenting with.

The first is the inclusion of photo galleries. These work really well - you can scroll through individual collections of images, each with a title, captions and a short description. We've begun adding photos to the new Collective pages, so take a look to see what we've been up to together.

We've also added pages that use Storify, which we have been using to compile our own web research and content related to the project. These pages have been especially useful for including multi-media content or from other social media platforms that relates to our own project ideas from across London and beyond.

As always, we have comments threads included on this content, so you can respond to any of the photo collections or Storify pages with questions or comments and we'll get back to you with our responses. We'll be updating these pages regularly so do check back for the latest content...

Watch our films...

and comment on them too

As you probably know by now, at the heart of the Creating Hackney as Home project are five short films, written, filmed, directed and edited by the peer researchers in order to capture their experiences of living in Hackney.

Last year we began releasing these onto the website each week, and taking it in turns to moderate the comments sections underneath each film. We've really enjoyed this process and have been grateful for all the discussion with people out there who have watched the films and wanted to talk to us more about our ideas and approach.

All of the films are now available online to watch, share and comment on. We try to make sure we respond quickly to any comments, so please don't be shy and take the chance to join in the discussion with us...

Would you like us to come and talk about the project or show our films at your organization?

Now that we have some great films and other content to share, and a highly trained, enthusiastic research team ready for action, we are looking for opportunities to share our work and expand the conversation. We would particularly like to share our research on topics such as:

  • home and belonging
  • visual and participatory methods
  • young people's experiences of urban change, cultural diversity and social exclusion

We have prepared a number of potential formats, each lasting 60-90 minutes, that you might be interested in:

  • Film screening plus a Q&A sessions with the team
  • Youth-led workshops and focus group discussion
  • Exchanges with other youth groups
  • Academic focused talks, ideal for research group seminars

If you want to discuss any of these opportunities further, please get in touch on:

The Open University Economic and Social Research Council