Creating Hackney as Home

Creating Hackney as Home:
Five reflections on a London borough


Shekeila's photos

"So, as you can see I’m at the Tower Hamlets end of the Regent’s Canal… I think it’s a bit different, as in the journey and it’s still everlasting… didn’t actually know the Canal was as far as this… I thought it just went to Victoria Park and ended, but obviously not… I think down here looks different… you see more warehouses than Hackney, and yeah, it’s just a different place…"

"I visited Limerick in October to participate on a training program called Share Our Stories. The training was based on the theme of storytelling and sharing stories of youth work across Europe. On the project, I met so many amazing people from the likes of Malta, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, UK and of course Ireland! The project was really fun and I learned so much about different cultures and how youth work is really different across Europe."


See Shekeila's Storify page [hyperlink] for more on this trip.

Today Shekeila and Denise worked on the edits for 'Hackney, Space and Me'. Denise was impressed with how quickly Shekeila picked up the software and started doing the edits herself. Shekeila also recored her voice-over using a script she had written that spoke about her inner thoughts in the personal spaces she visited in the film.

On the first day of filming 'Hackney, Space and Me' we followed Shekeila through the bustling streets of Dalston and the public park at Haggerston. Today we follwed her through slightly more private and hidden spaces that had more personal meaning to her. We started off in Stamford Hill and went up to the estate at the top of the Hill where Shekeila grew up. Shekeila filmed her personal point of view for a dream-like sequence in her film, by holding the camera in front of her and walking in circles. We then moved on to Broadway Market, where Shekeila's Nan lives, and then down on to the canal path. We experimented with some long shots across the water and with the reflections.

Today was the first shoot of the whole Creating Hackney as Home project, starting with Shekeila's film Hackney, Space and Me. Shekeila explained that the concept was to follow "My journey walking through space, highlighting how I feel a sense of belonging in different areas and why". This meant that we had to work tightly as a team to cover all the locations needed to give a sense of Shekeila's journey. Monet was doing most of the camera and sound work, with help from Denise, and Luke was there to hold the bags! The plan was to follow Shekeila while she walked through Dalston, Ridley Road Market, Haggerston Park and then on the bus back to Hackney Central. Phew!

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