Creating Hackney as Home

Creating Hackney as Home:
Five reflections on a London borough


Shekeila - Filming Day One - 26/06/13

Today was the first shoot of the whole Creating Hackney as Home project, starting with Shekeila's film Hackney, Space and Me. Shekeila explained that the concept was to follow "My journey walking through space, highlighting how I feel a sense of belonging in different areas and why". This meant that we had to work tightly as a team to cover all the locations needed to give a sense of Shekeila's journey. Monet was doing most of the camera and sound work, with help from Denise, and Luke was there to hold the bags! The plan was to follow Shekeila while she walked through Dalston, Ridley Road Market, Haggerston Park and then on the bus back to Hackney Central. Phew!

  • Planning the opening shot in Dalston

  • Official bag carrier

  • Monet working the camera

  • Shekeila walking into the shot

  • Setting up a shot acrss the street

  • Dalston Junction station

  • Ridley Road Market

  • Monet learning how to shoot through the crowds

  • Moving into the market to follow Shekeila's journey

  • Checking with the script

  • Haggerston Park with Shekeila far away

  • Leaving the park

  • Getting on the bus

  • Waiting at the bus stop

  • Arriving at Hackney Central

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