Creating Hackney as Home

Creating Hackney as Home:
Five reflections on a London borough


Shekeila - Filming Day Two- 01/07/13

On the first day of filming 'Hackney, Space and Me' we followed Shekeila through the bustling streets of Dalston and the public park at Haggerston. Today we follwed her through slightly more private and hidden spaces that had more personal meaning to her. We started off in Stamford Hill and went up to the estate at the top of the Hill where Shekeila grew up. Shekeila filmed her personal point of view for a dream-like sequence in her film, by holding the camera in front of her and walking in circles. We then moved on to Broadway Market, where Shekeila's Nan lives, and then down on to the canal path. We experimented with some long shots across the water and with the reflections.

  • Stamford Hill

  • Dream sequence

  • Shekeila leavig Stamford Hill station

  • Monet setting up the camera

  • Shooting on Broadway Market

  • Shekeila walking into shot

  • Off camera

  • Planning the next shot

  • Walking on the canal path

  • Boats and runners

  • Shekeila resting in between shots

  • Graffiti on the canal path

  • Messin about

  • More messin

  • Shekeila on the opposite bank

  • Under the bridge

  • Checking the script

  • Monet and Denise take the long shot

  • Another day's filming over

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