Creating Hackney as Home

Creating Hackney as Home:
Five reflections on a London borough


Tyrell - Field Trip - 20/04/13

"This is another one of my little documentary things about me just talking about our fieldtrip today. Basically, from Hackney we went to Parliament Hill in Hampstead to look at the view over London. We talked about different kinds of views and perspectives. I took some pictures of the tall buildings in the city centre. We were also, like, trying to compare how this place was different to Hackney where we lived, and if this changed how we thought about Hackney itself. Then we went to Camden Lock, and we just… my first reflection was that I wasn’t really gonna fit in because in Camden, it’s really, like, kind of well-off, trendy people, so… coming from Hackney, it’s really like ghetto kind of thing, so it’s really different. It’s really kind of weird when you go there, but when you go, Camden’s kind of diverse because, like, everyone’s their own person, everyone’s unique, so yeah, it’s alright really… and we had some food at the market and it was good. But I noticed you can really tell the difference of where you are… and I’d like to conclude that it was a good day."

  • Me and my shadow

  • On the heath

  • Green space

  • The view from the hill

  • Peple enjoying the view

  • What you can see

  • Central London

  • Blue sky

  • The Shard

  • Activities in the park

  • My style today

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