Creating Hackney as Home

Creating Hackney as Home:
Five reflections on a London borough


Tyrell - Filming Day One - 29/07/13

"My film uncovers the reality of what you would have went through if you had grown up in Hackney, how you would feel about the way people look at you and judge you by what you look like. It’s just the feelings and what would come into your mind first. I wrote down on the piece of paper my opening questions about dress and identity and what the first couple of minutes would be about. So like, the first minute I would go to the camera and introduce the questions I was going to talk about. And then I would start with the first question and I would put my opinion and my views, and then ask someone about it. So basically just going through it like that, but I was also addressing the questions through what I was wearing for each scene as well."

Today we shot the first half of Tyrell’s film, recording two pieces to camera with Tyy in his hoodie persona, and two interviews that related to these questions. Tyrell's friend from secondary school, Selin, was the first person we interviewed, mainly about the differences between how young men and women in Hackney experience pressures to dress in certain ways. The second person we talked to was Bilau, a youth worker and teacher who runs the youth centre at Fellowes Court. He explained how he managed his appearance depending on where he was, but also said that he thought young black men in particular were subject to a lot of misjudgement. At the end of the day we went to Shoreditch to record some long, locked-off shots of passers-by.

  • Reviewing the script

  • Joshua sets up the camera

  • Street corner

  • Preparing to shoot

  • The director

  • Long shot

  • Tyrell interviewing Sellin

  • Behind the camera

  • Tyrell in his hoodie

  • Tyrell interviewing Bilau

  • Camera work

  • As seen on our flyers

  • Locked off shots of pedestrians in Shoreditch

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