Creating Hackney as Home

Creating Hackney as Home:
Five reflections on a London borough


Tyrell - Photo Essay - 25/07/13

My first photo essay. I took photos in central London, then at my college in Newham and then around Hackney. I was trying to give a bit a of sense of where I live but also about the different places that I go on a daily basis.

  • Liverpool Street Station

  • Catching the bus

  • Central London crowds

  • Me and Josh at Newham College where we do drama group

  • Charmain from Immediate Theatre

  • Outside were I do my drama group

  • Thinking about bill boards

  • Skin deep?

  • Back in Hackney

  • My style today

  • My feet

  • In the chicken shop

  • Mare Street in Hackney

  • A nice old building

  • The street

  • Turkish cafes on Mare Street

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